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Stackable Worm Composter Bins

Worm Factory® vermicomposting system 3 tray standard model Available in black, green, and terracotta

Regular Price $99.95  *Free Shipping!*

Worm Factory 3 Tray Composting System
  •  Proudly Made in the U.S.A. from post-consumer recycled materials.
  • 5 year warranty on parts and workmanship
  • Year-round production
  •  Includes worm bedding kit to help get you started
  •  Odor Free operation
  •  Expandable up to 7 trays
  •  Available in black, green and terracotta
  •  Easy to assemble and manage
  •  Easy-to-use instructional booklet
  •  Comes with “Quick-Tips” lid for easy reference
  •  Houses four to five thousand worms
  •  Worms can consume 3-6lbs of food per week
  • This worm bin is an upward migration worm bin for home use. Comes with spout on bottom of the collection tray to drain and use the Compost Tea. You are buying a THREE tray.
  • Buy from us because we are full time professional worm farmers and 100 % totally dedicated to the betterment of the gardeners and worm growers worldwide.
  • We will verify color choice prior to shipment

Decker Worm Sales is your Complete Worm,
Castings, and Composting Supplier. 

We accept  

If paying by check or money order, prepayment is required before
we can ship your worms.
Send your check or money order to:
Decker Worm Sales, 26502 Leafton Lane, Magnolia, TX 77354



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Decker Worm Sales is your Complete Worm,
Castings, and Composting Supplier.
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