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Decker Worms Sales now offers the "Alabama Jumper" Night Crawler (Amynthus Gracilus) as part of it's selection of earthworms. This worm is a native of Asia. It is now found in large sections of North America. The name comes from the fact that these worms are so energetic and lively, they will jump right out of your hand!

Our "Alabama Jumpers" are top quality! Gardeners will love the Alabama Jumper's ability to burrow through even the toughest clay soils. This makes it a great earthworm for our organic gardeners in most of the southern United States and anywhere where the soil is heavy or primarily clay. Just release these lively rascals into your garden beds and let them go to work improving the soil quality! Don't worry if your soil is sandy in nature. They do just fine in any soil type.

Alabama Jumpers prefer to burrow deeply, and prefer natural soil to bedding materials. However, they will come to the surface at times to feast on decomposing matter, making them a suitable composting worm as well. For our money, our Red Worms are the choice for a composting worm, but the jumper will certainly work for you as well.

The Alabama Jumper will have all you anglers jumping for joy as well! These lively worms are a fish's best friend. Like any good fishing worm, they need to be given uncrowded bins to get to their plumpest dimensions.

Lastly, the Jumper can be cold sensitive. The jumper does best at room temperature. We've heard tales of survival much colder than the recommended 60 degrees or higher, but we certainly cannot guarantee it. We would recommend warmer environs for your Alabama Jumpers.

At $86.00 with free shipping for an estimated 1,000 Alabama Jumpers, we hope you'll give these wigglers a try!

Please order any of these worms along with our locally grown earthworms from our Worms Superstore page.

"Alabama Jumper" Night Crawlers
Approx 1,000 Alabama Night Crawlers - $65.00 with Free Shipping
**5,000 special $60.00 per thousand**

Alabama Jumper

Order your Alabama Jumpers and our entire selection of earth worms in our Worms Superstore.

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