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Composters, Worm Castings & Related Supplies

Decker Worm Sales offers a number of different products to help you create better gardens and flower beds, with bigger brighter flowers, more vegetable production and greener and healthier yards. We have more information on why composting with Earthworms is the most environmentally friendly, economical, and successful garden amendment on our Organic Gardening page.

Each of the products below is unique and works very well. We offer more than one type of composting system because the composting methods, bins, and accessories that work best for one person may not work as well for another. As always feel free to call or email us for advice for your particular application.

Want a quick glance at all of our composting products? Just scroll toward the bottom of the page, and you will find quick links to each composting product that Decker Worm Sales offers. Just click the link to go right to that product.

Our Worm Factory® Stackable Worm Bins allow you to compost up to 70% of your household waste. This bin is one of the best on the market at any price. Worms for your Worm Factory® are available here. Complete instructions and all materials necessary to start come with each unit.  Find more information and our great prices on the Worm Factory® Stackable Worm Bins page.

Coconut Coir is an organic tiny particle which is obtained from coconut husk when separating the fiber from the husk.  Each brick weighs around 650grams. Coconut Coir provides an organic alternative to rock wool and perlite media without the environmental disposal issues. Decker Worm Sales recommends Coconut Coir for our stackable worm bins or for general worm bedding. Visit our Coconut Coir page for more details and current pricing.

Speaking of houseplants, extend their life, and enhance their growth and beauty with our Smart Soil Separators. Have no idea what a Smart Soil Separator is? It's only the greatest advancement in potted plant life since the invention of the pot! Click here to learn all about them. Another great item for your plants is the Metro Grower. Our basic Metro Grower automatically supplies an even amount of water to your plant using a water reservoir system. Never soggy and never dry, your plant will thrive using the Metro Grower!

With so many choices in composting bins, materials, and fertilizer, you are sure to find the perfect composting solution for your needs. Please call us at 832-228-7594, or email us with any questions.

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