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May is the month for Eisenia fetida earthworms. Better known as  composting red worms, red wigglers, redworms, or trout worms, by any name our red worms are simply the best earthworms around for composting. These worms thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure.  They can eat their weight each and every day in rotting matter, and the end result is the finest organic compost for your flower beds and gardens! Let 'em do their work and watch your plants and flowers blossom!

So, in honor of Mother's Day, we want to make all those beautiful flowers bloom like never before! We are offering all our wonderful Mother's (and anyone that loves their Mother) 5 lbs of our amazing composting red worms for the low low price of only $94.95 and we'll ship them to you free to boot! That's right - FREE Shipping!

And while you're at it, grab one of our composters, such as the highly recommended Worm Factory® 360 and put these composting red worms to work right away!

To order your red worms, click the 'Add to Cart' button below.

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*Each month, Decker Worm Sales will be offering a different special,
so be sure to watch this space monthly for our current special! *


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