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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How large is an adult Red Worm? A European Night Crawler?

A Red Worm will be 3 - 3 1/2 inches long and be as big around as a typical drinking straw.  A European Night Crawler will be 3 1/2 - 4 inches long and as big around as a pencil while a Canadian Night Crawler can get close to 12" in length in some cases!

2.  What do you feed Earthworms?

All things that are decomposing matter - Examples: coffee grounds, kitchen waste, shredded paper, newspaper, straw, grass cuttings, leaves, and all sorts of manure, rabbit and cow are the best.

3.  What type of bedding is best for Earthworms?

Aged horse, cow, rabbit manure.  Straw, paper, cardboard, peat moss.  The best bedding will consist of 50% rabbit manure and 50% peat moss. Coconut Coir is also a great alternative, especially when using a composting bin.

4. How much moisture should be in the bedding?

Earthworms are mainly surface feeders and it is the top three or four inches of your bin that needs to be at about 80% moisture. At 80%, you can squeeze out a couple of drops of water just like a damp sponge.

5.  What is a bed run?

It is a process of removing the Earthworms from the bed resulting in a batch of varying sizes of worms.  It is a more economical way of buying worms versus buying hand selected worms. In general, Decker Worm Sales adheres to hand selecting your worms individually. This is always true for our "Decker" Red Worms.

6.  What are worm castings?

Worm castings are the remaining matter from organic material ingested by a earthworms.  In other words, worm manure.  Worm castings are richer in nitrogen, phosphates, calcium, and magnesium than chemical fertilizers. We have our own 2.5 LB bags of Worm Castings available locally. Call ahead to make sure we are there. (Only available for Saturday pick-up)

7.  I am using my Earthworms for bait.  Should I refrigerate them when I receive them?

In general the answer is no.  Earthworms will last several weeks on the shelf at room temperature.  After your worms arrive, they should be introduced to a worm bed, compost pile, or other suitable environment, allowing them to eat, re-hydrate, and regain their "fat" appearance. The one exception may be Canadian Night Crawlers. They are strictly used for fishing, and cannot withstand warm temperatures for long periods.

8.  How does Decker Worm Sales ship their orders?

We ship via US Priority Mail.  Packed in damp peat moss in breathable paper bags.

9.  What should I do when my worm order arrives?

   1.  Care instructions will arrive several days before your worm order.

   2.  Introduce your worms to their new home ASAP after they arrive.

   3.  Place the worms in shady, moist bedding right away.

10.  How do I place my order?

 Easy!  Just click here to go to our Worm Order Page

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