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Live Earthworms - The Best Fish Bait

Decker Worm Sales produces large healthy "Decker" Red WormsRed Worms are great fish bait because they stay alive for as long as 45 minutes in water and have a tough skin that keeps them on the hook, making it easier to hook a fish. Due to the numbers of worms in 1 Lb., we only ship Bed Runs (assorted sizes). Some will need to be fed to full size. 

The European Night Crawler is an exceptionally tough worm that will keep at room temperature 65 to 75 for 2 to 3 weeks or  50 to 60 for twice as long.   They remain active in ice water for over 2 hours, attract fish with an odorous yellow secretion, and do very well in salt water.  Great live bait.

The African Night Crawler is also an excellent fish bait, especially from spring to fall when the temperature is above 50.  The Night Crawlers are exceptionally hardy and will keep at a room temperature of 65-75 for 2-3 weeks; never refrigerate them! 

Decker Worm Sales is partial to the African or European Night Crawler, especially in warmer climates. We do not recommend other varieties of Night Crawlers for several reasons; Euro's and African's tend to have more longevity on the hook, can withstand warmer temperatures, and tend to be hardier overall. 

Decker Worms are fed a diet consisting of high protein grain, straw, and rabbit droppings.  Rabbit droppings are the most complete worm feed known today, and also provide the most ideal bedding.

Decker Worm Sales guarantees prompt live delivery of your Earthworm order.  Your order will be packed in damp peat moss, in a breathable brown bag. 

For fisherman that might wish to produce their own never-ending supply of fishing worms, please check out our Composters and supplies page. There you will find links to Bedding Coir, Worm Bins, and other products of interest to serious anglers.

We have a great Fisherman's special below, or check out our worms page for our complete selection.

Lastly, for all of you anglers hoping to catch more and larger fish, we recommend a visit to our friends at the Bait Fisherman. There you will learn many methods and techniques that work and will yield better results.


Fisherman's Special

1 lb of European Crawlers $29.95 with Free Shipping

           *March Only Special*

2 Lbs of European Crawlers
 Only $52.00 with free shipping!
 *Approx 350 worms per pound 

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