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Decker Worm Sales
is one of the nation's leading suppliers of composting earthworms including our composting Red Worms and a variety of Night Crawlers, fishing worms, composters, composting supplies, and worm castings.

We carry three varieties of earthworms that are ideal for your compost pile or your gardening projects.  We also offer great live bait for people who love fishing - either salt-water or fresh-water angling. 

For gardeners, our composting Red Worms are the best earthworCompost Wormsms that money can buy at creating worm manure, known as worm castings (aka God's fertilizer). While their scientific name is Eisenia fetida, the composting red worm is known by various names such as red wigglers, redworms, panfish worms, and red californian earthworms. Whatever name you use, the red wiggler is the best worm available for your organic garden. 

These red wigglers thrive and are best used in a composter, such as our highly recommended Worm Factory® 360. These red wigglers just love living in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure. As the red worms live in your soil or composter and eat all of the organic material you supply, they digest the matter and the end result is a product known as worm castings. Worm Castings provide a natural, rich, balanced-nutrition for your outdoor gardening or indoor house plants.  Worm castings are also an excellent natural resource for landscaping, yard maintenance, and organic gardening.

See our Composting Supplies page for everything you need to create the perfect compost. Our Red Worm is widely recognized as the worm for vermicomposting. Our Red Worms are hand harvested when you order. These worms sell fast, so don't delay. Get your order in today!

European Night Crawlers (Eisenia Hortensis), and African Night Crawlers (Eudrilus Eugenie) are also hot sellers.  All three varieties are great for fish bait.  They are also very prolific propagators and can be cupped and stored at room temperature for several weeks.

Our extensive selection of all varieties of worms can be found in our Worms Superstore. Our Earthworm Care page will give you the best advice on how to properly care for your new worms. Our Frequently Asked Questions page covers a whole range of topics related to worms, organic gardening, compost, and worm castings. For all of the serious anglers out there, we have a fantastic "Fisherman's Special" on our Fishing Bait page. Be sure to check out our newest offering - the Alabama Jumper.

Decker Worm Sales is proud to begin offering Exotic Pet Foods for your reptile, bird, turtle or other exotic pet. Even chickens and dogs will enjoy some of our offerings! We now offer Crickets, Discoid Roaches, Mealworms, Superworms, and Soldier Fly Larvae. All of these foods makes a nutritious snack for many reptiles and other exotic pets. A few examples of exotic pets that are likely to enjoy these treats include bearded dragons, neon tree dragons, geckos, brown anoles, various turtles, frogs,  chameleons, chickens, and even hedgehogs!

We now offer various items locally, so if you are within driving distance of our location between Conroe and Willis, TX, please make an appointment and drop by. We offer three varieties of Earthworms, our Worm Factory® vermicomposting systems, and Coconut Coir medium to start your Worm Factory® off on the right foot. For a limited time, we're including free worms! 

Check out our extensive library of Worm Books, including Raising Earthworms for Profit, Profitable Earthworm Farming, Recycle with Earthworms, Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide, How to Raise, Store, & Sell Night Crawlers, and many more.

Call us at 832-228-7594 and let us know how we can be of help to you.


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