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Organic Gardening

Decker Worm Sales Earthworms will help you grow better tasting and more nutritious vegetables, your flowers to have more abundant and colorful blossoms, and your plants to be sturdier and healthier. 

Every good gardener knows that one of the secrets to successful flowers and vegetables is growing in a soil rich in organic matter. Yet, most native soils are woefully short of this special ingredient.

Earthworms turn normal compost into the finest potting or mulching soil that has ever been discovered! In short, worms will happily turn all of that decaying waste into some of the best fertilizer on earth – worm compost, otherwise known as “worm castings” Use a potting soil mixture of 25% worm castings - 75% topsoil, for indoor house plants.

Earthworms, as they burrow in your compost pile and feed, they swallow great quantities of organic decomposing matter, digest it, extract its food value and expel the residue as worm castings, which are infinitely richer in nitrogen, phosphates, calcium, and magnesium than chemical fertilizers.  They turn organic matter into water soluble humus immediately available as plant food, which enables great root expansion and lets the soil absorb and retain moisture that would otherwise wash away, carrying valuable topsoil with it. 

Varying studies have determined that fruits and vegetables grown using worm castings have yielded 25% to 30% larger crops.  Worm castings will never burn plant roots.

Even use Worm Castings in your potted plants! They make a great addition to potted plants. Use worm castings in conjunction with our Smart Soil Separators. Have no idea what a Smart Soil Separator is? It's only the greatest advancement in potted plant life since the invention of the pot! Click here to learn all about them.

Decker Worm Sales carries a huge variety of worms as well as various composters and related products that will have you growing the finest vegatbles, fruits, and flowers you have ever produced.

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