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Smart Soil Separator

The Smart Soil Separator™ is designed to extend plant life by providing a permanent
airspace to the plant's root system.

The flexible design of the Smart Soil Separator allows it to function in a variety of containers where the bottom  measurement of the pot falls between 5" to 7.5" and there is one or more drain holes in the bottom.

It works equally well in both indoor and outdoor applications and is completely reusable. We have seen remarkable results in testing the Smart Soil Separator in our own Smart Grow™ one
and two gallon growing containers with matching saucers.


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Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors is easy and fun no matter what the season or the weather outside. House plants can thrive in an array of light conditions and room temperatures. Most prefer to dry somewhat between watering so make sure the pot you are using has drainage holes and some type of saucer to protect your furniture.

Adding the Smart Soil Separator will make a significant improvement in the health of your house plants.

In return, your healthy plants will be able to do their job of helping to clean the indoor air.

No More Rocks

The needs of plants and their root systems have often been ignored by pot designers.

To improve growing conditions "conventional wisdom" was applied and rocks were often added. It was thought the  rocks would increase drainage. However, the use of rocks has the opposite effect.

Over time plant roots circle in the rocks, creating a swamp, reducing both air and water drainage and adding stress to the plant.

Plant Roots are Starving for Air!

There is little understanding of the importance of air to potted plants. The only source of air to the roots are the open pore spaces in the potting mix.

Quality potting mixes will allow air to move down through the root system. Compacted or poor quality potting mix restricts the air to the roots resulting in poor root development and growth.

By using the Smart Soil Separator in all your potted plants, you are creating the much needed air space.


Open spaces in soil mix
allows air to move down.
Creates permanent air space.  



 Here is what Experts Say

  • The lack of air at the root level reduces root respiration (one of the key ways a cell gains energy) resulting in the shutting down of photosynthesis in the leaves above.
  • Air at the root level allows roots to extract both water and nutrients more efficiently.
  • Air protects the roots from attacks by pathogens – infectious attacks by such things as a virus which can stunt the plant or actually cause its death.
  • "Plants can't take up nutrients without air. Plants need air around their roots for nutrients to pass from the water in the soil to their roots."
    - Ed Smith, The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

nts benefit from more air at the roots!



Circling Roots

This is a condition that occurs in nearly all potted plants and is a
constant problem in house plants that tend to spend their entire life in the same pot. They are large and easy to spot when a plant is removed from its container. 

"Standard pots encourage the development of roots to grow around the container in a constricted pattern,"
state gardening experts at the University of Washington.
"Plants with circling roots have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients, shortening the plant's life,"
according to Oregon State University.
"Plants with circling roots have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients, shortening the plant's life,"
according to Oregon State University.


Researchers at Washington State University have found that, "Circling roots are 'burned' or pruned when exposed to AIR." The permanent airspace created by the Smart Soil Separator prevents the growth of circling roots in houseplants.


Add A Smart Soil Separator!

• Give new life to any indoor plant
• No More Rocks - Creates Perfect Drainage
• Adjustable for smaller pot sizes

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Outdoor Plants

Choosing a pot for outdoors
for your Patio, Deck, Porch or Balcony

The Smart Soil Separator is designed to fit pots with bottom measurements between 5" and 7.5"

The volume of the pot, however, may change depending on the side angle



Watering pots the way nature intended



1. Remove the plug in the Smart Soil Separator – it easily punches out.
This reveals the "wicking chamber."









2. Position the Smart Soil Separator in the bottom of a pot. The pot should have one or more drain holes. The Smart Soil Separator adjusts to fits pots with a 5" to 7.5" bottom dimension.







3. Add quality potting soil, pressing some into the wicking chamber.
Continue to add potting soil to your pot and plant.





4. Now add a saucer under the pot. The saucer acts as a water reservoir.
NOTE: The airspace must be maintained. To accomplish this,
manage the water level in the saucer so it does not exceed the
top of the Smart Soil Separator in the pot which would,
effectively remove the airspace.




5. The roots of the plant will pass through the airspace into the water.




6. The small amount of potting mix that is in the wicking
chamber comes in contact with the water below. Some
amount of moisture will move upward into the potting
mix above. However, when plants are at their peak,
the roots will actually pull up all the moisture they need.




The Smart Soil Separator

• Is not a "self-watering" system
Water must be added regularly
• Is not a "hydroponic" system
There are no pumps
• Using Sub-irrigation
The plants manage their own water supply.

Order your Smart Soil Separator today!

Smart Soil Separator will be available in two options in Black
Pack of 2  $12.95
Pack of  4   $ 18.95

 **Free Shipping!**

*Note multiple packs can be ordered by altering the quantity in the cart and clicking the recalculate button*




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