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Decker Worms Sales now has an assortment of Specialty Worms available for shipping direct to you. Note that these worms are not available for local delivery or pickup. For our locally raised worms, please visit our Worm Superstore.

Our "Alabama Jumpers" and Canadian Night Crawlers are top quality, but used for completely different purposes. Gardeners will love the Alabama Jumper's ability to burrow through even the toughest clay soils, while fisherman in cooler climates or those fishing during winter months will love  our Canadian Night Crawlers. These are very large, active worms that fish love to eat!

See below for pricing and further details for our specialty worms.

Please order any of these worms along with our locally grown earthworms from our Worms Superstore page.

"Alabama Jumper" Night Crawlers
Approx 1,000 Alabama Night Crawlers - $79.00 + 11.00 Shipping

Alabama Jumper

Order your Alabama Jumpers here

NEW! A Night Crawler to Aerate Your Clay Soil...WOW!

This is a large night Crawler, that has all the attributes of a composting worm, with one additional benefit.


These crawlers grow to be large, and will go through your clay soil like Butter!

They will jump out of your hand, and be back in the soil like nothing you have ever seen.

Just drop them in your garden, provide them with some damp organic material, and they will stay and multiply like mine did. Worms only eat DEAD material, leaves, damp newspaper, etc. They will do no harm to any living plants.


Canadian Night Crawlers

2.5 Lbs Canadian Night Crawlers - $44.00 + $21.95 Shipping
2.5 pounds (Approx 100 worms per pound)
anadian Night Crawlers
$44.00 + $21.95 shipping
*Shipped in insulated box

Canadian Night Crawlers

Order your Canadian Night Crawlers here

  • The “BIG GUYS” approximately 100 Ct Per Pound
  • Keep Refrigerated! Major heat sensitivity.
  • Reptiles, Birds and Fish, LOVE Them!
  • NOT Composting Worms.
  • Several fish love Canadian Night Crawlers, including carp, catfish, certain bass, sunfish, trout, and walleye.
  • Note that Canadian Night Crawlers do not do particularly well if temperatures rise much above 70 degrees, and death is likely at temperatures above 90 degrees. Please take this into consideration before ordering.  *We cannot guarantee longevity in temperatures consistently above 70 degrees.
  • If at any time during transport or final destination temperatures are expected to reach 90 degrees, Decker Worm Sales will not be able to ship your order.
  • To Keep Our Prices Low, we can only ship Canadian Night Crawlers in 2.5 pound Packages.

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